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Horizontal stump grinding in Anchorage

Our wide range of services is not limited to land clearing and tree removal. We also offer excavation services, horizontal stump grinding, Fecon brush clearing and much more. Please ask for an estimate on exactly what you need and we'll plan the whole process with you!


The excavation work is extremely important for the success of a build. It is important to remove soil to the appropriate depth, ensure that the remaining soil is firm enough for building and make sure the lot is in optimal condition for the new build. Whatever you're building, call us to make sure it’s done right from the start.

We can do the ground work for private homes, commercial buildings, roadways, ponds, ditches or utility lines, among others.
Stump grinding and land clearing in Anchorage, AK

Fecon brush clearing

Our Fecon brush clearing equipment is perfect for clearing brush, small trees and stumps on the spot, down to ground level. Besides that, we have a full range of top-of-the-line, purpose-built equipment to match all your land clearing, tree removal, excavation and stump grinding needs. We will always choose the most appropriate machines to use in each situation, so that we get the job done and the environment remains as intact as possible.

Horizontal stump grinding 

Do you have some wood, stumps and debris lying around where they shouldn't be? Perhaps your garden could use some mulch or wood chips? Call us! With our horizontal grinder and chipping equipment, we can change all of it into ecologically sustainable material like mulch or wood chips. Of course, this can be combined with danger tree or log removal.
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